Why Mascota

Pet owners want better food for their lovely pets, making sure they live active, happily and healthily. That’s why we provide tasty and healthy food formulated from Spain.

The goal of Mascota™ is simple: to provide well designed pet food that protects the health and life of your pet.

About Us

Spanish Formulated Product

Mascota Natural Pet Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your lovely Pets, suitable for all breeds. Here at Mascota, we are committed to provide consistent, quality products, complete nutrition and deliciousness in the package. Mascota Natural Pet Food contain ingredients to support the five signs of good health (Weight, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, Skin and Hair, Energy, Bowel Movements).

Prepared Pet Food Vs Home Food

Every individual pets have different nutritional requirements just like human. The food you eat might be harmful to your pet! Home cooked meals, unless prepared by veterinary nutritionists, will lack required nutrients for the healthy growth and development of your pet. Prepared pet foods, on the other hand, offer not only convenience, safety and balance nutrition but also deliciousness, and digestibility.

Mascota Natural Soft Dry Dog and Cat Kibble

Mascota™ Dry Food is 100% complete and balanced, contains fibre to help and support good digestive health and the individual 'kibbles' of food help to sustain good oral health.

Mascota Natural Premium Dry Food

Many are not aware of pet’s obesity. Delivering expert nutrition for adult pets prone to becoming overweight, Mascota™ Premium Range Dry Food offers 10% less fat per meal for Weight Management and many other features.

Mascota Treats

Mascota™ Treats offer a unique way to bond and train your pets. Constantly we need to be reminded, experts recommend that only 10% of your pet’s daily calories should come from treats and other foods.

Mascota Setting Standards Highest Possible

At Mascota™ we understand it is vital that our food smells freshest possible and appetising to pets. Mascota™ use only the best quality approved ingredients to ensure our products are healthy and very appealing to pets. All our raw materials are sourced from approved suppliers and our factories are independently inspected to the standard.

Mascota natural has a variety of formulations and they have tested to be a top choice among breeders, family pets, show pets and sporting pets alike.


Our strict ethical code has dictated the way in which our company has developed right from the start: we source our ingredients locally wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint; we are firmly against animal testing.

Happy Healthy Pet

All quality ingredients used has been carefully selected to reflect the natural diet of the dog.

Furthermore, by combining a high proportion of fresh, human grade meat with our unique range of nutritional herbs, vegetables and whole grains we have been able to create the first complete dog food to contain all the nutrients a dog needs without any artificial vitamin supplementation whatsoever.